A Mini Personal Portable Oven the size of a lunchbox.

A Hotlogic product for a warm meal.

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HotLogic is a “Mini Personal Portable Oven”. It is about the size of a lunchbox that can be used to heat up and even cook food. New Hot Logic Mini is being termed as a personal portable oven. The gadget cooks and heats food without drying it out, thereby delivering a tasty meal with little effort.

As the human race evolved over time it has invested in resources that have led to leading a comfortable lifestyle. New appliances hit the market every year and many of them increase our comfort level and become an aid in everyday life. They save our valuable time and many of them are energy efficient.

Hotlogic has a hotplate inside an insulated hot bag. The Mini can be transported easily due to its small size. When we open the top it reveals an interior insulated with an aluminum lining, designed to retail heat from the built-in heating element.

It is designed to work like a slow cooker with a brain. There is no programming required and has no buttons and dials. Like, you can put some chicken stir fry in the Mini in the morning; plug it in, go about your business and enjoy a hot delicious meal at lunchtime.

Hotlogic Mini Portable Oven.
Hotlogic Mini Portable Oven.

HotLogic is a brand located in Grand haven Michigan that designs and manufactures food warming personal, portable, casserole ovens. Using the heat deck technology hot logic warms or cooks food to a right temperature and holds it there for hours.

Hotlogic has added three new products in addition to its successful Mini and Max portable oven line.

· Hotlogic Max Oven XP- 13” long x 9” wide. This is useful for serving large number of people,camping, kayaking, functions and Christmas and Thanks giving gatherings. Top, portion is insulated and can be used with inverter during travelling.

· Hotlogic Mini Oven XP- 3.5”height x 9.5”width x 7.5” depth. Has all the benefits of a standard Mini oven , with an attached expandable carrying bag available in the top lining. The extra storage space can be used for carrying utensils and the drinks you enjoy. Useful for enjoying warm, nutritious meals at work , home or travelling.

· Hotlogic 12v Mini Oven XP- Has the same features as the above Hotlogic Mini oven XP, but with a 12v plug. Good for travelers, truck drivers and the commuters.

The HotLogic Mini Expandable is a lightweight personal portable oven designed with extra storage on top. Made of durable nylon material, a double zipper and a heat reflective interior, it comes with handles and a shoulder strap for convenient mobility.

The Smart Shelf cooking element cooks, reheats and keeps food hot for hours. You can use any flat-bottom, sealed-lid container that is dishwasher and microwave safe.

use the Mini, you simply place a container of food inside, zip it up and plug it in. Unlike a microwave, it works with a variety of containers, including metal, cardboard, plastic and glass. It heats up your food in approximately 60 to 120 minutes and then keeps it at a safe temperature until you pull it out and eat it.

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The system’s gradual heating process cooks the food perfectly without burning it or drying it out. HOT LOGIC products are extremely energy efficient. Just add your prepared meal, leftovers or frozen food to a lidded container, plug it in and enjoy a hot meal that fits with your schedule.

The Hot logic’s heat deck can be removed from the lightweight carrier and used as a counter top warmer.There are no buttons and knob for setting temperature which reduces the touching points, seen as safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When you go outdoors on camping or picnic-it doesn’t have a battery and requires a 120V outlet. So you’ll have to be near a location of power or bring a portable power supply.

Salient features-

· It is lightweight, compact and portable.

· Perfect for cooking meals or reheating leftovers when you are on the go.

· Cooks a meal from scratch in a couple hours, or reheats leftovers in about an hour, then holds your meal at the perfect serving temperature until you’re ready to eat it.

  • Does not require you to flip or turn your food.
  • Ideal for cooking healthy dishes, heating frozen boxed meals and warming comfort food.
  • It is compatible with flat-bottom, containers including glass, plastic, metal, aluminum foil and cardboard. Can accommodate containers with 6.75” length x 8.75” width x 2.5” height.

· No need to worry about the temperature settings or any timer.

· Can be used at office and vacations.

· Keep it in your car and it can go with you anywhere.

· Energy efficient and convenient. Heat reflective interior amplifies and maintains heat. Uses less energy than a microwave.

· Slow heating ensures the food is cooked evenly and retains its vital nutrients.

· The durable nylon case features a heat reflective interior and a double zipper closure.

· Has a one year warranty.

· Attractive design.

The Hot Logic cookbook that comes with the product includes 10 recipes-

· Sweet and sour meatballs.

· Chili Cheese dip.

· Oatmeal with fruit.

· Ravioli bake.

· Mini Burritos.

· Monterey Chicken.

· Portabella spinach with cheese.

· Sausage and kraut.

· Fruit pie enchilada.

· Chicken and tomato rice.

The other details required are-

Color choices available- Black, blue, gray, green, orange, purple and red.

Measurements — 9.5”length x 7.5” width x 4.5’ height.

Power — Can be plugged into a standard household outlet.

Wattage- 45 watts.

Material composition- Nylon, plastic and steel.

Care- You can wipe it clean with a soft, damp cloth and a mild cleanser. Do not spray cleaner directly onto surfaces, but instead spray cleaner into cloth,wipe surfaces clean. Don’t submerge device in water or use abrasive cleaners or scrub pads.

Most of the necessary details have been provided and anyone who desires to buy can take the idea forward and do their bit of personal research. The product is quite handy and does not leave a big hole in your pocket.

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