Benefits Of Following Important Facebook groups.

How these Facebook Groups could be of great value to us.

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Social media is meant for social interaction. It is used to connect with other humans, human groups and areas of common interests.

In today’s world there are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit.

Facebook group is one of the platforms for group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. These groups let people come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos, and share related content.

nlike Facebook Pages that are always public, a Facebook group doesn’t have to be. If you comment or like a page, all of your information will be available to anyone on Facebook who looks at that page. This could cause some privacy concerns, especially if you do not have a solid understanding of how to protect your personal profile.

A Facebook group can be more private than a page since the creator has the option to make it closed. When a group is closed, only those who have been invited to the group can see the content and information shared within it.

By creating a group, the team is given a private forum to share ideas on the project and post updates, just as that of a page. Still all information is shared only with those within the group, once it’s made closed.

There are different categories of groups. You can browse & study them and sent a request for joining them according to your interests. A few of the Facebook groups are as mentioned below:

1. Home & Garden-

Topics covered are related to home gardening, buying and selling plants, seeds, fertilizers and about the issues faced by individuals in growing and maintaining plants.

2. Identity & Relationships-

Topics relate to love & romance, friendship and dating, LGBTQ, single/married counseling, relationship goals, husbands and marriage tips are discussed in the various groups present.

3. Funny-

It’s about funny videos, jokes, fun, pranks, entertainment, funny pictures, Charlie Chaplin comedy videos and memes to make up your day.

4. Health and Wellness-

Many good health and wellness Facebook groups are worth following. These could be categorized into general health, nutrition, fitness and the larger category of wellness — which encompasses mental, emotional and spiritual health.

5. Food and drink-

The food and drink group recommends the finer aspects of food, wine and dining, empowering readers with information that betters their food and wine experience.

This is great for the food lovers as it goes beyond the pleasures of eating and drinking and analyses the food culture and cuisine, bringing an understanding of the culinary history and tradition and the latest trends and choices in the current times.

6. Vehicle and commutes-

his is for every rider of motorcycles, sidecars, trikes, scooters, e-bikes, bicycles, desert vehicles. Vehicle groups, vehicle organizations and vehicle companies can post and share worldwide on the biker scene and industry relevant information. It also has groups pertaining to railways, flights and aviation career.

7. Arts & Culture

The groups relate to sculpture, painting, museum, art galleries interior designers, tattoos, theater, portrait and figures.

8. Civics and community-

Various groups in this category consist of-

Youth brigade foundation –Youngsters devoted to the cause of social service, try to bring association of youth in social development projects.

Canada missing & unsolved- This is dedicated to the missing persons of Canada. Missing cases can be posted.

World peace promotion- The aim is to achieve world peace and seeks to end suffering of people.

Aarogyam- The initiatives of this group are — Free medical camps, free hearing machine,health talks for senior citizens, adults and students.

9. Travel & Places

A place for travel bloggers around the world to unite and share their stories.

They can also share ideas & information on low-budget, low-impact ways to live sustainably on the road.

Some groups also provide blogging & travel advice, deals, giveaways, opportunities, resources, and tips.

Among these groups travel photography community is a group to enjoy and share photos from all over the world, and inspire people to see the world.

10. Style -

Some people have quirky and elegant styles. You’ll find glamorous millennial fashion vlogger travelling the world to bring you fashion trends, beauty reviews, and lifestyle tips plus pictures of children clothes.

Luxury designer handbag aficionados review the latest bags, share tips on collecting, and highlight posts from their very active forum community.

The other groups have news, inspiration, and beautiful jewelry from some of the world’s premier jewelers, including current and vintage jewelry pieces.

11. Animals & Pets-

It’s our duty as human beings, to educate & influence others to exercise compassion & decent care of all innocent animals & living creatures. Some groups contain funny and cute animal videos and details of pets for adoption.

12. Science & Tech-

If are you a tech freak who is always looking to know how the science & tech zone is creating wonders to change the world, this group is a perfect fit for you.

It just takes a few clicks to reach up to the latest happenings in the science field through these popular social networking groups. Esteemed science & technology institutions have come up with their own Facebook pages so that people all over can know about their efforts in improving the life around.

13. Parenting-

From the moment you discover that you are pregnant many questions will swarm your head. Should I do this, eat this, wear this, sleep so much, eat so much, work so much, what all do I need and is this normal or not?

It is natural for you to have all these questions, and not always feasible to consult a doctor for every single thing. Most women will turn to their mothers, sisters or friends. A lot of women and men, consult one of these Facebook groups.

From pregnancy, raising a child to everything in between, these Facebook groups are like family to a lot of people. Whether you are pregnant or a parent, you will benefit immensely by joining some of the best Facebook parenting groups.

14. Photography-

If you’re looking to be inspired by consistently excellent photography and want to learn the rules of business that have been proven with years of experience, this is the group for you.

These groups inspire you to be creative and challenge you to think outside of the box, pushing to your creative limits.

15. School & Education-

his is a professional learning community for educators to come together to share, learn and inspire one another. In these groups, educators from across the globe can gather in a safe space to share ideas to better themselves and their field, explore new ideas with new peers and collaborate to tackle educational challenges.

16. Hobby & Leisure-

This group is for promotion of hobbies related to arts and crafts, antiques and collectibles,musical Instruments and sports and outdoors.

17. Games –

Some of the groups have games related to archery, Carom pool board, Ludo, PSP and android games.

These are some of the interesting groups mentioned. There are many other groups you can find by carrying on with a little research. Like in life friends and relatives are helpful to us; these groups could be helpful in our work and gaining knowledge, thereby making our lives easier and comfortable. It would be nice to join some of the groups. With 2.7 billion active monthly users Facebook is the biggest social networking site. So far the advantages we have enumerated of joining a group are-

· Getting in touch with right persons with similar interests.

· Sharing and getting information.

· Interaction with others and relationship building.

· Getting more visibility from persons if you are a businessman.

Therefore, the final thought is that it pays to remain connected on Facebook.

I am an indie author having two novels on Amazon.1) Love you forever and ever.2)It takes two hands to clap.I am on medium now and writing short stories/articles

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